The Allender Center Podcast

Dr. Pam Davis, Associate Professor of Counseling at Gordon-Conwell Seminary and Director of the Counseling Department at Charlotte campus, joins Dan and Rachael to engage the immense difficulty of parenting in a pandemic and speak directly to those working with children. You’ll hear understanding affirmations and how Dr. Davis addresses the oftentimes overwhelming challenge of needing to care for yourself in order to care for your children, the importance of play, and other vital resources to utilize in this season.


Learn more about Dr. Pam Davis and her work

Listen to an episode from the early months of the pandemic titled “Parenting in the Midst of a Pandemic”

Read an article by Dr. Pam Davis recently published in Psychology Today titled “Fostering Resilience in Children during a Pandemic”

Read a blog post by Jay Stringer about “Good Enough Parenting in a Time of Crisis”

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