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Abby Wong-Heffter and Derek McNeil sit down for a conversation that leads them to discussing the realities of trauma and the hope to live a more integrated life.

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Dan Allender launches a new series about the reality of scapegoating, reflecting on the dynamics that occur when unmet desire gives way to envy and an impulse toward harm.

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Dan Allender concludes our series on play alongside Russ Teubner, developer of a unique, artistic event space called Backstage Stillwater. Russ and Dan reflect on how we can create spaces of play in the world around us.

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Dan and Becky Allender reflect on what deep, meaningful play reveals about living as people who are captivated by the radiance of God.

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Dan and Becky Allender wrestle with some of the obstacles and demands that often keep us from engaging in play, or that relegate it to an afterthought or addendum to the rest of our lives.

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