The Allender Center Podcast

Dan Allender and Rachael Clinton, Director of Organizational Development at The Allender Center, have a conversation about planning and remembering weddings and what it means to hold both joy and heartache at these momentous events.

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Dan and Becky Allender reflect on what it means to experience failure and address it in a way that allows our lives to grow, both relationally and individually.

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On this week’s podcast, Dan Allender a series on facing our failures and discusses how unnamed failures can accumulate to become part of ourselves which opens the door to “the idolatry of perfectionism.” How then, Dan asks, will we engage failure in

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On this week’s podcast, Dan Allender launches a new series on a topic that cuts to the very quick of our being and identity: failure. No one can escape failure, and yet there is a need for a better way to address our failures. Using a personal story, Da

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