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In this episode of The Allender Center Podcast, Dan is joined by Jay Stringer, Sam Lee, and Wendell Moss to discuss misconceptions about men’s sexuality, the impact of fear and shame, and how men’s sexuality is deeply connected to one’s culture, rac

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Dan and Wendell Moss continue their conversation about what it means to become an “anti-racist” and discuss the impact of white supremacy in unexpected places, the impact of assimilation into white evangelicalism, and policies that contribute to the d

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Dan and Wendell Moss, a member of The Allender Center Teaching Staff, begin a conversation about the implications of the phrase “I am not a racist” and what it means to instead become an “anti-racist.” We invite you to join us and ask: Are we will

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Dan Allender and Rachael Clinton continue their conversation on planning and remembering weddings and unpack the idea that weddings reflect both death and resurrection and, much like life, great joy and deep sorrow.

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