The Allender Center Podcast

On this first day of summer, we’re reflecting on the complexities and emotional challenges of scheduling and managing time. Why does managing our schedules often feel so stressful, chaotic, and even triggering?

The episode begins with Rachael admitting: “I'm laughing at how we on the Allender Center Podcast could take a topic like scheduling and dive into the deep recesses of the complexity of it.”

The truth is that scheduling is not just about logistics and managing time, but also about dealing with deeper issues like desire, grief, hope, and connection. 

The seemingly simple act of arranging our days can bring to the surface feelings of loss, as we confront the limits of what we can realistically accomplish. It can reveal our deepest desires, highlighting what we prioritize and what we long to make time for. Our schedules can also be a source of hope, as we plan for future events and possibilities, and a reflection of our need for connection, as we coordinate our time with others.

Join us for what we hope is a relatable conversation on how we navigate this common aspect of life, recognizing the emotional layers beneath the surface of our calendars and to-do lists.


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