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As we gathered listener feedback about the first 100 episodes of the Allender Center Podcast, one of the questions that stood out was about how we respond to dissociation in our relationships. So this week, Dan is joined by his wife, Becky Allender, to talk about how they have experienced the effects of dissociation in their marriage, ultimately choosing connection over isolation.

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Last week marked our 100th episode, so this week we’re taking a moment to look back, reflect, and celebrate. Dr. Dan Allender talks about how this podcast has evolved, some of his favorite parts of working on it, and where he hopes to go in the next 100 episodes. From all of us at The Allender Center, thank you for listening and for joining us on this journey.

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This week, Dr. Dan Allender continues our series about what a therapist looks for in a client. Dan reflects on the categories of openness, trust, and the willingness to remain in the work of therapy even when it is messy and difficult. Though we will never find the perfect therapist or the perfect client, Dan says there are few things sweeter or holier than two people willing to engage therapy with curiosity, humility, and integrity.

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We recently concluded a series about what to consider when looking for a therapist. But there’s another side to that question: What do therapists look for in clients? This week, Dan shares a few categories that he considers when determining if he is the right fit for pursuing meaningful, effective therapeutic work with potential clients.

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This week, Dr. Dan Allender is joined by Rachael Clinton, Assistant Director of Program Development and Admissions for The Allender Center, as we continue a series about one of the most common questions we receive: What should I look for when I am picking a therapist? Rachael shares from her own recent experience of stepping back into therapy, and she and Dan reflect on what to look for and how to take those first steps.

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