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This week, Dan is joined by his wife, Becky as they reflect back on the significant events of their year. Dan and Becky discuss how to move from the end of the year to anticipate the year ahead. They invite us to adopt the simple, intentional practice of taking time to look back on the year and taking note of events and themes. This sets us up to to live into what and where we are called in the next season.

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This week, Dan continues with the third part of our Advent series as he explores the ways in which the Christmas story unfolds in the midst of shame and disruption. He explores passages about the Holy Family, the Shepherds, and King Herod, and discusses the interplay between God’s sovereignty and the schemes of evil. What parts of our heart need to be captured and disrupted by honor of the coming of God on earth?

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This week, Dan continues the Advent series. He asks listeners to consider how or when this holiday season has made them dazed or confused. He explores the ways in which Mary, Zechariah, and Joseph were each dazed and confused, and how each responded differently. The question we are left with is this: How we are allowing our own lives to be impacted by the invasion of Christ coming to earth. Have we been brought to the point of needing to wrestle with the presence of God in our lives?

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This week, Dan begins an Advent series. He outlines the many facets of the Christmas season, reviewing a study by the American Psychological Association about the conflict the season brings. He then discusses the places where we get held up by many distractions, believing our war is against culture and the way Christmas is celebrated. He invites us to instead recognize that Christ’s coming to earth was an invasion — the signaling of a war against darkness, in which we are invited to participate.

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